2023 "The Blue Hour Just Before The Night Comes" Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo

2023 Page Masters Art Fair SET Social, London

2023 Open Studio SET Lewisham , London


"Riverbank by chance"「偶然の水際」100㎝ x 140㎝ oil on canvas 2022

Lyric poetry painting encompassing plants. I compose the landscape of painting withthe inspiration from medieval manuscripts, from medieval manuscripts, botanical illustration and its mysterious existence, the rich ecosystem of plants (evolution of survival) that is a gateway to the sense of human history, folklore and the relationship with nature. I paint and re-experience the moment of burying the modern identity in the landscape with no boudaries between the scene and one's self in a total silence.

植物を内包する抒情詩的な絵画。 中世マニュスクリプト、薬草学の書に描かれる植物画から神秘性と、